Free Fire: Battleground, Battle hacks

Free Fire is a multiplayer shooting game where players get parachuted to an island and have to fight each other for survival on a shrinking island. Obviously, looking for free fire battleground cheats is inevitable.

But, first things first, what cannot be spawned or hacked:

Level 3 backpacks, helmets, armor, ingame weapons like Groza, M249, frying pans, VSS, unlocking skins, getting unlimited diamonds, unless you use, is not possible since it is an online game and cannot be exploited since all account data (like health, damage, items etc) are stored on Garena servers and can only be altered by the developers. But, in spite of it all, it could be possible to passively farm diamonds and coins using simple bots over time (but you have to get smart and crafty for that). So, you may be asking, why such hacks are not even allowed at all? Well, this is because if these hacks ever came to fruition then the developers would stop making money and thus, would immediately patch up the error. Also, in lieu of the above, keep in mind that any free giveaways or coin and domain generators are fake and will just lead you astray into filling up some useless surveys.

So, are there any cheats? Yes, there are. What can they do? That is listed below:

Aimbots: It is no secret that autoaiming bots or apps are the most important and powerful cheating tools for any multiplayer online game since they help in automatically locking on and firing on just the tap of a button. But, like with everything, there is a downside. As in, other players can spot your hack easily which can result in you getting banned permanently. Also, it is a personal recommendation to not use aim assisting apps since they zap out all the fun of the game. It’s not important to just win, but the winner gets more amazing if it is hard earned.

Wall Hack: More ‘officially’ known as ESP or Extrasensory perception, it is arguably the most powerful cheat weapon since it allows players to see through walls to observe players, see where ammo, weapons, items and more are located. Thus, informing the users of what exactly can be looted and so getting the best of every item becomes easy. As a bonus, wall hacks are also hard to detect and report since they just give out information instead of letting the player perform any direct action.

So, arm yourself with this knowledge and get ready with your codes to win this battle royale.

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