The Dark Knight – Mobile Java Game Based on the Movie The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight is a cell phone game based on the latest Batman movie with the same name, which stars Christian Bale and the late Heath Ledger. The game parallels the movie’s plot, where Batman’s primary motive is to fight his arch rival, the Joker, and weed out corruption from Gotham City.
The game is a single player adventure and involves using Batman’s skills through a series of stealth and combat situations. The Dark Knight starts with Batman on the look out for Jonathan Crane, also known, as the ‘Scarecrow’. Crane has gone into hiding after infecting people with his ‘fear toxin’. Batman has to find these toxins, destroy them and capture Crane.

After dealing with Crane, players have to deliver Lau -the Chinese mobster accountant – to the Gotham City police. This will spell the doom of organized crime in Gotham City. Batman then has to take on Joker, who has a surprise up his sleeves.

The game has been divided into twelve chapters. Each chapter provides a new challenge which keeps the player intrigued till the very end.

The game gets tough in the chapter where the player has to fight the Joker and his followers. There are some guidelines between different levels, which help players understand what is happening in Gotham City. Besides this, various pop-up messages guide the players through the game.

The game has been given a dark feel to add to the experience of Batman, also known as the creature of the dark. The graphics are good, while the background score is average and gets monotonous after a while.

The game itself is quite simple. During a combat, the player has to press ‘5’ and watches Batman perform various stunts. Batman’s health has to be kept under check, which is displayed through a bar on the top left corner of the screen. Defeating an enemy in a combat can revive Batman’s health. If players quit in the middle of a level, they can restart the game from the previous levels or the same one. The ability to virtually glide like Batman and use his Batarang makes the game exciting.

The Dark Knight could have been more challenging had a time limit been set for players to find all toxins and bombs. Besides, the game would’ve risen to a higher level had players been allowed to decide what moves to make while in combat.

My Impression: It provides a great experience of the adventures of Batman in Gotham City.

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